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Christian Unity: Are we obliged to church membership and worship with those whom we are not in agreement concerning Christian doctrine?

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Nothing is more common these days, in the presence of religious controversy, for someone to pipe up with, "Why can't we all just get along?"

When pressed for a specific answer, these people will generally concede that there are SOME religions that are false. In other words, they may be willing to embrace everyone who names the name of Christ but they won't be found agreeing with Moslems or Hindus because the adherents of those religions reject Christian doctrine altogether.

BUT, even amongst those who call themselves Christians, everyone knows that there are many versions of Christianity and worship - often one version (or Denomination) of Christianity officiall denounces OTHER versions of the Faith as heretical.

Are you obliged to overlook these differences?

Are you obliged to Christian Unity and church membership with those who do NOT embrace Christian doctrine as you understand it from the Bible?

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