The Last Days: Days of Revival or Apostasy?

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There are many these days who are both reporting and predicting great revivals, both here and in many other nations. What does Bible prophecy lead us to expect? 2 Thess.2:3 tells us that before the day of Christ, and our being gathered together unto Him, that there shall be a “falling away” and the man of sin shall be revealed. As a matter of fact, all New Testament prophecy concerning the last days of this age, give a dismal report. Even Jesus, Himself asked the question, “When the son of man returns, shall He find the Faith on the earth?”

These are sobering considerations in the face of so many predictions of world-wide revival and millions of “conversions,” isn’t it?

Would the Bible characterize the last days as days of apostasy if instead they would be days of revival?

If the Bible is true, and we are indeed in the midst of the great and final Apostasy of Christendom, how can all of these reports of conversions and revivals be understood?

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