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TOPIC: The Pre-Tribulation Rapture

#1 Post-Trib and Pre-Wrath advocates don’t face the facts
#2 Answer to objections
#3 Answer to The Two Witnesses (Revelation 11:3-18)
#4 Answer to “immediately after the tribulation of those days… ” (Matthew 24:29-31)
#5 Answer to “one shall be taken, the other left”
#6 What about the children?
#7 Pre-Trib Rapture teaching prior to 1800 AD
#8 Margaret McDonald’s Vision in 1830
#9 The New Eschatology
#10 Hyper-Preterism, An Eschatology of Infidelity
#11 The Rapture Debate, August 1998

TOPIC: Classic Pre-Millennialism 


Do not think that this matter has nothing to do with your life and faith today. Just remember THIS: The end is the product of the means. In the following articles you will be presented with PROOF that Pre-Millennialism was the primitive faith of the Christian Church.

AMILLENNIALISM – The most pervasive heresy in the history of Christianity (March 2001)

Concerning Resurrection and Rewards – the resolution of The Synoptic Problem requires the admission of a future 1000 year Millennium (April, 1991)

The Millennium and The Last Judgement – distinguishing resurrections; millennial life; and The Last Judgement (April, 1991)

Topical index to other works:

Who are the “many antichrists” of prophecy?

Rapture: The Growing Controversy

The Last Days: Days of Revival or Apostasy?

Christian Unity: Are you we obliged to church membership and worship with those whom we are not agreement concerning Christian doctrine?