Every now and then it becomes necessary to assert a few things, so that those who have expressed their favor towards our preaching may know what they are favoring.

We believe and teach these doctrines:

1.Bible Versions:

 NOT all Bible versions are equal. We believe the KJV is currently the best and most reliable English Bible. We frequently make personal use of other versions for comparison reading, but will not use any version but the KJV to support doctrine. Does YOUR Bible even HAVE the end of the Lord’s Prayer in it? (Mat 6:13 …For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.)

2. The Rapture

We believe that faithful Christians will be Raptured (miraculously taken) off the earth BEFORE the Antichrist is in full power and has any real ability to persecute them. We believe in what amounts to a PRE-Tribulation Rapture. We do NOT teach that “the Rapture was always perpetually immanent”, BUT please make no mistake about it: we are “PRE-TRIB”.

3. Eternal Security

 We insist that no genuine (once-TRULY-converted) Christian can ever LOSE or forfeit his salvation. ONCE SAVED, FOREVER SAVED. When you became a Christian – did you get SALVATION, or PROBATION?

4. Gifts of the Holy Spirit

We insist that NONE of the supernatural gifts and offices of the Holy Ghost in The Church, as seen displayed in the Book of Acts and described throughout the New Testament, have ceased. God still works miracles, and some Christians can prophesy and speak in tongues.

5. Pre-Millennialism

We believe that immediately following the physical return of Jesus Christ to this earth, that there shall commence a 1000 year long near-perfect paradise state under the reign of Christ on this present earth. This is called Pre-Millennialism.

6. Prosperity?

We encourage all Christians to hopefully ask God for AND EXPECT TO RECEIVE health, and money, and skill, and freedom, and success in ALL THINGS. BUT we DO NOT think or say “that gain is (proof of) godliness”
(1 Timothy 6:5). Sometimes, The True Saints suffer afflictions and want (see Hebrews chapter 11). Request articles titled “Temporal Divine Justice” for why and how True Saints can suffer even severe afflictions.

7. Women Pastors

We deny that God has authorized women to be pastors of churches or to openly present themselves as teachers of religion to adult men. We allow for and receive the “prophetess” and the “woman’s only Bible study, taught by a woman”.

8. Tithing

We deny that Christians must pay tithes and we deny that God is asking Christians for tithes.

9. Water Baptism

We deny that ANY religious “ceremony” (such as water baptism) necessarily precedes conversion and salvation.

10. Sabbath-days

We deny that Christians must observe a weekly Sabbath-day, whether it be on Saturday OR Sunday.

11. Tobacco, Alcohol, etc. 

We ABSOLUTELY REJECT all rules for dietary holiness that consist of “lists” of forbidden substances. YES this includes tobacco…… tobacco is not a “forbidden substance”.

12. Hebrew Roots

We reject the currently popular notion that Christians need to “return to their Hebrew Roots”.

13. Books beside the Bible

We INSIST that NOTHING besides a Bible and an honest desire to know the will of God is necessary in order to understand the Bible. The Bible needs NOTHING but an understanding of the language it is written in. We declare that the Bible plainly says what it means, and that it means what it says.

14. Preterism

We totally reject and despise any form of Preterism (which says that virtually ALL prophecy, including most of Matthew 24 and most of the Revelation is already fulfilled).

15. The Trinity

We believe in The Trinity – The Father is God, but He is not Jesus nor the Holy Ghost. Jesus is God, but He is not the Father, nor is He the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is God, but He is not the Father, nor is He Jesus. In this, both the Roman Catholics and the traditional Protestants agree, and we agree with them.

16. Church membership and Salvation

We do not think that whether or not one attends or refuses to attend the “local church house” proves anything about whether or not that person is saved or mature. Many people attend these synagogues for wrong reasons and support what ought not to be supported there – but ALSO, not every church dropout is a last days champion against the apostasy. MOST CHURCH DROP-OUTS are still just rebellious and selfish malcontents and backsliders.

17. Prayer

We absolutely DENY that prayer is a “power” or a “force”; we insist that prayer is a conversation with God. There is no such thing as the “power of prayer” – there is only the power of God, Who chooses to answer or not answer; Who may answer with YES or NO, and Who may impose conditions or make requirements for a favorable answer.

18. Israel

We resolutely insist that the modern Carnal Jews STILL and WILL ALWAYS OWN ALL of the land of Israel by Divine Title (so long as the present earth remains). We firmly believe and assert that anyone who attempts to take away ANY of that land from the Jews or in any way connives or forces them to hand it over is an enemy of Christ and God.

19. Hyper-Dipensationalism

We vehemently denounce the doctrine called “Hyper-Dispensationalism” (which disobliges us from the teachings and commands of Jesus Christ and makes Paul the author of all NT Church doctrine and practice). Believe it or not, many churches teach this! Is Luke 6:30 a command given by Jesus to you? One world famous Hyper-Dispensationalist SAID that ‘no one can, does or will live by The Sermon On The Mount’ (Matthew chs. 5-7).

20. Doctrine

We assert that THAT brand of “love” which diminishes the importance of doctrine in the hope of achieving greater unity is the very essence of apostasy.

21. Hell

We declare with all conviction that there will be a forever burning hell to which all Christ rejecters are banished for never-ending punishment. Eternal happiness for the righteous is complimented by eternal misery for the wicked.

22. Apostasy

In agreement with nearly every Bible commentator and translator of renown in almost every tradition, we assert that The Church Age ends in APOSTASY and not revival. See 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3, and read THE GREAT DREAM.

23 ADDITIONAL NOTE to divorced and remarried men:
Although this issue is not as clear Biblically as the issues above, we do not affirm nor support divorced and remarried men in their aspirations to PUBLIC ministry. We receive such as Brethren if they are wholesome, safe and orthodox in their doctrine otherwise. Long experience has proven to us that divorce and remarriage provides ready occasion for slander and suspicion against the ministry. See 1 Timothy 3:2-9 and compare with 1 Timothy 5:9-11

The above is NOT “our creed” and is not meant to received as a comprehensive presentation of the Christian religion – it is merely a list of those things upon which we have found regular cause for disagreement and separation. This list may grow.

If you persist in DISAGREEING with any of these things AFTER you have seen reasonable proof for what we assert and affirm above, we cannot receive you as “our Brother or Sister”. We are only your friends inasmuch as we are willing to show you why and how you are in error. We also believe that intractable heretics give evidence that they are not, and never were saved.

Here you have it….for 10 years we have not budged one inch on these issues, and will not begin to “budge” now. Thanks be to the Lord that He has not made us dependant on donations from a large crowd in order to get by. We are frail like you all are, and “for a piece of bread, a man will offend”. God has given us this freedom so that we would not be tempted to “make nice” with heretics get their support or their money.

Many of the people on our list are (in various ways) better persons than we are. Our lives and circumstances are in the hand of God (like yours), and anytime He tires of our boasting He can take us down in a flash. But until we know by 3 witnesses (scripture, conscience and reality) that we are wrong in any of the above items, we will continue to assert them with all boldness and refuse to make “brethren” out of anyone who disagrees.

Those of you that have supported us with prayers, donations and kind words: this is what you are supporting. We try to stick to the doctrinal issues as much as possible, and to avoid advertising and comparing personalities.

You may expect us to be totally consistent with the above list. We make no friends out of anyone who blatantly disagrees with ANYTHING on that list.

Just Another Christian
“US” 1 John 4:6