Last updated: 10/3/16


Each contestant supplies 6 scripture quotations, no longer than 6 verses each, which he contends will prove his doctrine without any additional commentary or explanation from himself.

The contestants will be allowed approximately 200 words of commentary on each of the scripture quotations supplied by his opponent. This limit may be averaged in the entire discourse. Dean may NOT comment on his own scriptures, and Martin may NOT comment on his own scriptures.

THE PURPOSE OF THIS FORMAT is to reveal which position is best supported by unembellished Bible quotations.

THE PREMISE OF THIS FORMAT is that whatever doctrine cannot be plainly demonstrated by unembellished Bible quotations does not have the support of the Bible.

In other words, if the Bible CAN’T SAY IT FOR YOU without your explanations, the Bible wasn’t saying what you want it to say.


The Sabbath – Does the New Testament either advise or command Christians to observe any particular day of the week as a Sabbath?

The Rapture – When will the Rapture of The Church occur?

Debate: Universalism: Are All Men Saved?