Brand new article copied from The Comprehensive Bible, Bagster Press 1827. Read the best case I have ever seen, made for the Authenticity and Divine Inspiration of our Bible. Click on the Bible tab above.

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War on the Saints

The English version of War on the Saints has been repaired and online, COMPLETE and accurate.

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Which Version, Authorized or Revised?

Click on the “BIBLE” Tab and you will see our latest article presented:  Which Version, by Philip Mauro, 1924.  This is and EXCELLENT examination of the Revised Version of 1881 in light of the Authorized, King James Version, 1611.  Everything that Philip Mauro wrote about the R.V. 1881 applies equally to all of the subsequent “modern” versions that have been since published and that are based upon Wescott & Hort’s NEW Greek Text.  This NEW Greek Text virtually ignores 1600 years of Textual scholarship in favor of 2 ancient manuscripts, both of which are acknowledged to be abominably corrupt.

Those of you that love the Word of God will love this critical analysis written so as not to be boring to read.

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